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28 September 2016 @ 07:38 pm
i've been thinking a lot what i should write and now i got an idea. i should write on how i got into ARASHI fandom!

my first encounter with Arashi is around 2007 when ANIMAX channel in my country airs music station every week. And since i got free time, i kinda watch them a lot. among all the idol that perform, Arashi caught my attention that time with LOVE SO SWEET performance. i suddenly were pulled in by the charm of these 5 young guys.

then i started to google about them. i read wiki about them, read profile, and listen to their songs. Next song that become my favourite is Sakura sake. i love the pv too. During 2007 times, it was so hard to get their stuff. of course, since i'm new, i dont know where to look also. but i slowly learn my way to get more and more arashi stuff.
Livejournal was one of my option. i really really love the community here! then i started watching arashi's drama + movies(hanadan + kaibutsu +maou + yoiko no mikata my favourite!) and variety show. dont make me start on variety show! i really love mago mago arashi A LOT! i can feel the pureness of the show and how obaachan and ojiisan really loves their company. i wish they can still do shows like mago mago arashi and shukudai kun i love them!

until today, ive been in fandom for around 9 years maybe. it has been a long journey but a very fun one.

i got one wish which is i want to go to their concert one day although i knew that it almost impossible especially for foreigners like :( but at least i can go to the vanue once in my lifetime i will be much happier also!

i want to be with arashi for a long long long time !
15 August 2016 @ 07:52 pm
I have been in LJ for many years, but this is my first time writing and entry because im not a very writing kind of person.

and i want to dedicate my first entry to this one person, one person that i got chance to know, but i never got courage to put out the first step.

i know him accidentally, we shared the same work building. kind of i feel somekind attraction towards this guy. he is not my type but i totally have my eyes on him.

time pass by, hours went by.

i keep the feeling to my self.

i looked him up online, and found his profile, still no courage.

until i really found his instagram then i know he already had someone in his heart.

since then, i keep avoiding him. thanks to my job nature, i got to change building and we never met again after some time.

to be honest there is a bright side why im so scared to say something to him. maybe its because we are not meant for each other. even if i make my move maybe it will hurt me more rather than not making move

God works mysteriously. you thought you have it figured out. turns out its not the best for you. He knows better.

i will just be thankful for everything i have for now.

my wish to that guy is i hope he lives happily with his newly wed wife. i am so genuinely happy for you both and praying for your happy life together because you two re perfect for each other.